aahaa Guide

The use of aahaa is self-explanatory and you will be guided by precise text instructions.

To begin, select a 3D model of your choice from the "Gallery"With the left mouse button, you can  rotate the model in all directions, and with the right mouse button you can move it in space.

In the menu of the aahaa window, you have various operating options: 

With "Open file" you import presets to prepare your own storyboard for videos or video conferences. When you download aahaa for the first time, some presets are already visible on the left side of the aahaa window.

With "Save file" you export your presets for your next aahaa session. Right-click a preset to duplicate or delete it, and use the left mouse button to change the order of presets.

"Home" gives you information about the current version of aahaa as well as some useful links. If a new version of aahaa is available, you will be asked if you want to upload it when you open aahaa. This way you are always up to date.

With a click on "Camera", you  select your camera source. The sliders allow you to set the image quality according to your needs and save it as default values.

"Cam On" allows 180 degree rotation of the camera output, user interface, 3D model, webcam, or streamout. By default, the camera output is set so that fonts appear correctly in video conferences.

"Position" centers a 3D model in the middle of the screen. The orientation and rotation of the model are maintained.

"Rotation" returns the 3D model to its original orientation. The position of the model is retained.

"Network" indicates whether aahaa is connected to the Internet.

Under "Search options" 3D models can be searched in the gallery by name, category, license or date. All search options are combined.

Video Tutorial
aahaa Video Conference

If you want to use aahaa in a video conference, there are two main things to consider:

1. aahaa works with all video conferencing apps we tested. If you run a video conference in the browser (i.e. outside of an app), please use Chrome or a similar browser that allows a virtual camera. Unfortunately, you will NOT be able to use Safari!

2. After you open aahaa, you need to select aahaa under Camera Settings in the video conferencing app. After that you will see everything you do in aahaa also in the video conferencing window.

We wish you exciting and successful video conferences with aahaa, and a lot of fun!

aahaa Videos 

Recording videos in aahaa is very simple. Just make a screen recording with Quicktime Player while giving your presentation in aahaa.

In one of the upcoming versions of aahaa it will be even easier. Among other cool features, video recording will be possible with a click of a button.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at marketing@scanergy.ch.